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Why Friday Weddings Are a Great Option

As you may know, Michigan is one of the most popular places to get married. Being one of the top destinations states for weddings, this makes the summers packed with weddings! 

And when it comes to available dates..there are only so many if you are trying to get married between May-October. We are here to explain what the F word really isn't that bad. And no, not the one we all think of.. we're talking about Friday Weddings!

Friday weddings can be awesome! Contrary to not being “the most popular” day of the week or first pick for many. We LOVE Friday weddings.

Photo by Kelsey Pasma

Here are some reasons why we think Friday weddings are just as awesome as Saturday weddings..if not better. ;)

Saving a little bit of $$$

We get it, weddings can be costly, however just by picking Friday over a Saturday can save you a couple hundred bucks. Saturdays are considered “peak” days of the week. So why not just get married one day earlier and you can even save some money!

Celebrate all weekend vs just one day!

Like we mentioned, Michigan is a big destination for weddings. Especially our region here in the southwest. If you’re having guests travel from out of town, having your wedding on a Friday allows them to enjoy a couple extra days in the area rather than having to hustle home to get ready for their work week.


Most venues book up their Saturdays a year in advance. If you are open to Fridays, you will be able to really open up your options + still have the chance to get married at your dream venue! So don’t limit yourself to just one day, be flexible and you’ll be surprised what options are available. :)

Happy Planning!


White Dahlia

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