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White Dahlia Team Spotlight

Meet Jen Marren, our Lead Coordinator and lover of all things rose gold!

What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

Ever since I was little I LOVED putting on events. Whether it was helping with set up for 8th grade dances, putting on my own fundraisers or planning an entire event on my own. Throw in the magic of weddings and I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do!

What intrigued you about WDE? Why did you want to work for us?!

I knew I always wanted to be a wedding planner and work for a planning company, it was just a matter of finding the right one :D After working two years at a venue,  I was very grateful to run into someone I worked with during my time there - PAIGE! Who told me about this amazing company she began working with. After a little social media stalking I NEEDED to be a part of this team. I saw that this company was a fierce female powerhouse and I wanted to do whatever I could to be a part of it.

What would you change about the wedding + event industry?

Well, with everything going on I would say that the stigma that weddings need to be HUGE. Which is hard for me to even admit, because I myself would want a larger wedding. But after doing intimate weddings this season, I LOVE THEM. And it really shows that at the end of the day, getting married is what matters the most and having the most important people there.

List three things you would never show up without on wedding day:

  1.  Nothing says wedding season, like iced coffee season! This is my little treat to myself in the morning before starting to set up! 

  2. Stain Remover- tide stick or something of that sort! You never know if you or your client will need to get a stain out of a white shirt or dress ;)

  3. A PHONE CHARGER- when you are working 12-13 hour days you always need to make sure you can keep your phone charged throughout the day.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

  • During quarantine I have become a craft/coloring snob! I love pouring a cup of coffee and coloring or making fun canvas projects, I just started t-shirt making too!

  • I used to play college volleyball, so I love to still help and coach! I have begun coaching club volleyball locally and I train kids during the summer :)

  • LASTLY! Since I do have a degree in Business-Marketing, I love brainstorming new business ideas or plans! I find it so fun to get creative and put those ideas on paper.

On my days off you’ll find me……

  • At one of our many amazing wineries! I love going to wineries during the summer. Nothing beats sitting in the vineyard with a glass of wine! 

  • Spending time with my boyfriend and family! I have two toddler nephews who I adore so much so I try to spend as much time as possible with them!

  • After a wedding day- snuggled in my bed with snacks and Schitt’s Creek on!! I love me some Sunday binge sessions. :)



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