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What We Really Think about Sparkler Send Offs


I personally LOVE sparkler send offs, even though they are tricky and sometimes a logistical nightmare, the photos are so REWARDING! They are truly magical in every way.

Con- Maybe not the safest...

As mentioned above, there are actually a lot of logistics that go into this. Gathering intoxicated individuals to give them a fiery stick can be scary & unsafe. (Maybe consider using glow-wands? If you are concerned about safety or have a lot of children attending and still want to include them)

Pro - A special way to end the evening!

Depending on how long you have your photographer booked, if you are doing a traditional “send off” this is a great way for the couple to exit in wedding fashion & a fun ending activity for their guests! 

One time a client of mine didn’t tell anyone they were leaving after the send off, (not even me! LOL) ! They decided to do it an hour earlier and after they ran through the tunnel they left! It was a cute & fun surprise! 

Con- $$$

Although they are fun and create awesome photos, they can be costly! Those clearance 4th of July sparklers are not going to do the trick. You will need to invest in sparklers with a longer burn time and typically those can be more expensive. (*Tip the 20-36 inch sparklers work the best.

Pro- Encourages guests to stay longer!

We see it at every wedding, a lot of guests tend to leave between 8-9pm, having a send off later in the evening can encourage them to stay!

Con - Not eco-friendly

Unfortunately, if there is no one to take charge of the send off guests tend to just toss them on the lawn or stick them into the ground. Fireworks are not biodegradable 

Happy planning!



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