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Wedding Changes That We're OK With!

Since the start of COVID, we have seen our industry go through so many twists and turns. From having to postpone a portion of our weddings, to completely losing business altogether, it has been a rough few months. BUT now that weddings are allowed to happen again, we are trying to find some positives in the changes we are seeing,  and honestly, we’re OK with a couple things that we think will actually enhance your guests’ experience!

Dessert Displays

We love the idea of individually packaged desserts! They can still be presented in a super cute way or even given as favors. It will prevent flies from ruining the sweet treats and your guests can enjoy the desserts after the event if they don’t want it that evening. For those still wanting to cut a cake, we are suggesting to have a smaller, one tiered cake protected by a glass cake dome!

Smaller Guest Counts

We’ve mentioned this before, but wanted to touch on it again because we really do love intimate weddings with 50 to 100 guests. Smaller guest counts can allow you to stretch your budget on other things like flowers + upgrade rentals! Food  and drink costs for larger weddings can add up extremely quickly forcing you to cut back on decor details. Not to mention, less guests means more room to move around + dance! 

Food Service

Self-serve buffet style dinner will most likely not be the best option when it comes to preventing the spread of germs, but that’s okay! Individually plated dinners are a great option, however, we love the idea of hiring food trucks to serve dinner, late snacks or even desserts. This would be a more casual yet memorable experience for your guests! 

Shopping Small for Goods

When sourcing items for favors or welcome bags, consider working with what's available to you + supporting small businesses! Our area is full of cute little shops offering a variety of locally made things that could be great keepsakes, especially for your out of town guests to remember  where you were married. 

We created a board on Pinterest filled with inspiration on ways to make the best of the current changes! Click here to get inspired.


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