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Top Four Wedding Planning Myths

After being in the wedding planning industry for over 10 years, our planning team thought it was time to share a few wedding planning myths our couples frequently ask us about. Of course every wedding is different, but these are the Top Four Myths we wanted to chat about.

MYTH ONE: Hotel blocks are a must for out of town guests.

Within the last few years, most hotels have started steering away from offering blocks during the summer months because Southwest Michigan is such a tourist driven area. Often people assume a hotel block means discounted pricing for their guests and although some hotels do offer a small discount, we recommend your wedding guests search for better pricing on sites like or 

There are also a ton of awesome, local Airbnb + Vrbo rentals in our area that are great weekend rentals options for you and your close family and friends to stay in together during all wedding festivities. A couple of our favorites are Dwell Vacation Properties + The Barn of Three Oaks

Apple Blossom x Dwell Vacations:

Barn of Three Oaks:

MYTH TWO: Hiring a friend or family member to be one of your vendors is a good way to cut costs.

We understand that weddings are expensive, and once costs start to add up, couples start to look for ways to cut back on their spending. Typically they try to get a friend to DJ for the night or decide they’ll pick up their own florals and have friends and family handle the set up of them the day of. But, this can end up going SO wrong, your friends don’t get to enjoy the day because they are working and the added stress will make you wish you spent the extra to hire a professional! Trust us, we’ve seen it happen many times. 

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member that is a professional wedding vendor then you have hit the jackpot!

MYTH THREE: Your wedding dress has to be white.

A white wedding gown is always a very timeless option that some might wait their whole lives for. But if you’re the type of girl that’s wanting to wow your guests in an unexpected color, we support it! One of our favorite dress designers, Hayley Paige, breaks the mold of the classic wedding gown styles and we absolutely love her for it.

Bhldn by Anthropologie is another option for our brides looking for something different than a traditional gown. They incorporate a lot of trendy yet gorgeous embroidery details with the use of elegant fabrics + beading. We love their use of taupe and champagne tones!

MYTH FOUR: You have to have a wedding cake to cut.

Yes this is an old wedding tradition that grandma and grandpa always push for, but over the last couple of years we are seeing less couples incorporate it into their day and we’re okay with that! Dessert stations are now evolving into a spread of petite sweets, donut walls or part of the favors handed out towards the end of the evening. So, please don’t feel obligated to cut a piece of cake.

If you’re not a cake fan but are still set on adding this tradition to your day, choose your favorite pie to cut, share a donut or enjoy cupcakes together!

Happy Planning!


White Dahlia

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