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Things to Think About When Planning a Wedding on a Budget!

Let’s talk about the wedding budget! One of the hardest things to manage and maintain control of, but if you set priorities and know what is most important to you on your wedding day, budgeting can actually be quite easy.

Here are some tips to follow when trying to plan a wedding on a budget:

Be honest with yourself! One of the most common things we see are clients who want these extravagant pinterest weddings, but have a budget that does not match.

To save yourself from heartache and disappointment, sit down and be honest about what you know you can afford or what things you absolutely need/must have for your wedding!

Know what you can do personally vs what you should outsource. First thing that always comes to mind when trying to save money is DIY! We are here to remind you to carefully evaluate what you can do and what you should outsource to save yourself some time and added stress. Although DIY is great, know that doing ALL the things, doesn't always save you the most amount of money.

Centerpieces are a great item to DIY! Over the years, we’ve seen couples who have collected items over the time of their engagement leading up to their wedding to create centerpieces and decor elements throughout their venue. Or consider using vintage pieces from your families and put flowers in them to create something quaint and unique!

The number of guests you have is a direct impact to what will fluctuate your budget and cost of the wedding. A common myth - people think the venue or a band will cost the most - but we’re here to tell you it is your guest list! Food and beverages are always the biggest ticket item. The number of guests you will be accommodating will drastically affect what you are spending. If you are trying to stay within a certain budget or wanting to decrease your costs, stick firm to a guest count that won’t blow your budget or consider hosting a more intimate wedding.

Something we love to do is re-purpose florals! You can also dual purpose decor. For instance, the florals you have for the ceremony can be moved after the service to locations throughout your venue or at your head table.

Choosing to get married on a Friday versus Saturday will save you some money! Also, consider getting married in the off season (November-April) which is often less expensive since those aren’t prime wedding months. Bonus - availability opens up. We love winter weddings!!

Lastly, don’t forget about week days. Something we’ve seen over the course of this summer of COVID are couples getting married on non-traditional days. Monday-Thursday weddings are becoming more popular and definitely are a budget saver!

Happy Planning.


White Dahlia

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