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Sophisticated Vineyard Wedding

Ah, yes. 

The traditional black tux on a groom

Dapper, to be sure. And with those shiny shoes? *swoon*

But do you know what else makes us swoon?

A groom wearing an *insert color here* suit. 

It’s scandalous, we know, putting a groom in a color other than black, but hear us out. Sometimes, a black suit is the perfect choice for a wedding day and sometimes, it isn’t. Cathy and Sal must’ve known this and we think they hit it out of the park with their choice to put Sal in a cobalt blue suit.

The ceremony was held outside, under the incredible “Heritage Tree” at Hidden Vineyard. Sal’s blue suit was the perfect vibrancy to both match the greens of the vineyard and summer foliage and to complement Cathy’s beautiful summer gown without being too harsh. The addition of the White Dahlia flower garland on the tree was the perfect way to subtly frame the ceremony.

Our bride and groom brought their gorgeous green-against-blue theme from the ceremony site, turned it around, and threw it into the reception in such a pleasing way. Cobalt blue linens covered every table, accented with moss green napkins and green garland. The couple, obviously inspired by Cathy’s fabulous bridal accessories, upped the elegance of the reception decor by adding gold accents; the utensils and centerpieces tied in beautifully with the gold chandeliers.

Cathy and Sal made it clear that elegance and a vibrant, non-traditional color palette aren’t mutually exclusive; they freshen each other up. 

So don’t be afraaaaaaaid. 

If your fiance is eyeing some “super special” colors for your day, lean into it and try it out. You might really like what you see. 


White Dahlia

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hidden Vineyards

Floral for Tree: White Dahlia Events

Transportation: Affordable Limo

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