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On Love + Pets

Do you remember your first pet?

Maybe it was a beautiful golden retriever named Sandy who shed like you wouldn’t believe and loved to snuggle. Maybe it was a gorgeous tabby cat named Gerald who always curled up at your feet while you were reading the latest edition in the Animorphs series. Maybe it was a hermit crab that you named Shelley (because you were the wittiest four year old ever) and you are realizing, at this very moment, that in choosing such an uncuddleable introduction to pet-having, your parents are obviously not pet people and were probably just trying to deter you from ever asking for another pet. Ever again.

But maybe you hit the pet lottery. Maybe you got a beautiful black horse named Iggy who helped you discover your passion for riding, became your best friend, grew old alongside you, and ultimately changed your life in the best ways, forever. 

Iggy was Chelsea’s horse. He passed away this year, months before Chelsea walked down the aisle.