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Love is NOT Canceled!

If we’ve learned anything from these uncertain times, it’s that our couples continue to choose love and we couldn’t be more honored to work with them! No matter how many sporting events, birthday parties or family holidays get canceled, as we continue to move forward with so many exciting wedding days we are reminded daily that love is not canceled.

Sure, large gatherings may look and feel a little different than they did before we even understood what it meant to social distance but we know that no matter what, we will see our couples get married and start their next chapter as newlyweds! 

We understand that with these changing times comes changing guest lists, changing dates, or even changing mindsets and that is OK.  Humans are naturally resilient and strong, we learn to adapt to our new surroundings.  So what does that mean for the wedding industry?  It may mean smaller wedding guest lists, “video chatting” in loved ones that can’t risk their health to come, taking precautions to make sure your guests are healthy and safe.  Customized hand sanitizer favors for every guest.  Why not bring back the elegant “white glove” trend? Or maybe we should do like the British and wear fascinators with veils, or make our own fashion of bejeweled facemasks. There have been many fashion movements that were created over the years due to changes in the world and now we are living through one of those times!

Click the photos below for more inspo!

Just think how much more special and meaningful your wedding day will be knowing all you had to overcome to get there, and we promise it will come.  It may look a little different than you had pictured, but it will come, you will marry your soul mate and you will celebrate with loved ones.    We are here for you every step of the way… whether it’s helping you figure out a smaller, more intimate wedding, letting you vent your fears and frustrations, work with you to move your date, or just being a shoulder to lean on. 

We will get through this by continuing to choose love!


White Dahlia 

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