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Is Grocery Shopping a Hobby?

What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

Honestly, I love being there for the happiest times of life. The moments that are filled with so much love that the emotion flows over into making the most memorable days, I wanted to be there for those.  And I had such a need to help those that wanted that perfect day.  I was fortunate enough to help coordinate at friends weddings, loved it, and then made it a goal to try to make the craft a success.

A piece of advice for someone wanting to start their own company? 

Partner.  LOL.  Honestly, Kelsey’s “dreams” of building our company together is what motivated me to trust her in the beginning of this journey of starting our own company.  Filling the needs that we saw within the industry was nothing that either one of us could have done on our own.   She’s the best thing that happened to me at the most perfect time in my life. 

What would you change about the wedding + event industry?

I have two. ;)

I would remove the “old school” traditions.  I love seeing the industry moving forward in a progressive way.  By removing the old traditions, we are creating new ones that are personal for that specific couple.

Another thing I would like to see changed is  TRUST.  You have hired us, now trust us.  We have your back. We are professionals. We know the best vendors in the industry. Don’t be afraid to lean in, Trust us, and you will have the best day ever.

List three things you would never show up without on wedding day:

  1. Water!!  ( Hydrate Hydrate on wedding day!!)

  2. Day of Timeline (this is my jam. I will create the best damn timeline you’ve ever seen;) )

  3. My Team (so fortunate to call these fierce females my friends. The people I share life with.)

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Is grocery shopping a hobby? :) Professional coffee drinker?   Well, I’d like to see “working out” back in that list of hobbies soon… ;)

On my days off you’ll find me…… 

On a date night with my hubby or girlfriends, eating the best food &&& drinking the best drinkies. Binging a great show or rewatching “Schitts Creek” for the 10th time…

&&& also getting all the best snuggles from my little babes at home.  Being a working mom is the best…I wouldn’t change it for anything.



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