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Is Grocery Shopping a Hobby?

What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

Honestly, I love being there for the happiest times of life. The moments that are filled with so much love that the emotion flows over into making the most memorable days, I wanted to be there for those.  And I had such a need to help those that wanted that perfect day.  I was fortunate enough to help coordinate at friends weddings, loved it, and then made it a goal to try to make the craft a success.

A piece of advice for someone wanting to start their own company? 

Partner.  LOL.  Honestly, Kelsey’s “dreams” of building our company together is what motivated me to trust her in the beginning of this journey of starting our own company.  Filling the needs that we saw within the industry was nothing that either one of us could have done on our own.   She’s the best thing that happened to me at the most perfect time