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How to decide on a DJ or band for your wedding day

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Choosing the entertainment for your wedding day can make or break your guest experience! When deciding between hiring a band or DJ for your reception, take into account the pros and cons of both options.

DJ Pros & Cons

A DJ can be a more cost effective option for your wedding day. They usually have a small setup that does not take up much space in a venue and doesn't require a lot of people to operate the equipment (typically one to two people). A DJ can play a wide variety of musical genres and take requests easily. They can also take into account the atmosphere of the reception to adjust the mood and energy easily.

While a DJ may have flexibility, they sometimes lack the high energy and excitement that a live performance can offer. DJs can also feel less formal depending on the venue and wedding aesthetic.

Live Band Pros & Cons

Live wedding bands can provide a unique and memorable experience for your guests. Bands can offer personalized performances that showcase the couple's unique personalities and styles as well as create an interactive and energetic atmosphere.

Bands can be more costly than a DJ. They are also limited in what musical genres they are able to play, so it is important to meet with a band leader and watch videos of previous performances before signing a contract with a band. Bands also take up a lot more room than a DJ due to all the equipment and band members, so it is important to make sure your venue space can fit the number of instruments you want while still making guests comfortable.

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