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Holiday Like a Pro: The White Dahlia Christmas Collection

‘Tis the holiday season!

We’re eagerly awaiting Christmas here at White Dahlia and Co., and in the meantime are decorating away. We’re beyond excited to share our White Dahlia Christmas Collection with all of you – a curated selection of pieces that fit the cozy magical feel of this time of year. Our team might be slightly biased, but we’re ready to settle in and curl up in these lounge setups until December 25th. We had the pleasure of styling our collection in the beautiful Section House Event Space in Sawyer, MI, – captured by the talented Laura Spencer Photography.

Still not sure how you’ll be decorating for the Holidays? We’ve linked all of our decor and rental pieces featured in our Christmas Collection below (we got you babe). Check out our design and styling tips that will help make your space the perfect amount of holly jolly!




Poly Sofa

Brooke Couch

Adrienne Chairs

Mary Anne Side Table

Elizabeth Coffee Table

Ava Nesting Tables

Opal Coffe Table

Gold & Glass Table Collection



01. Settle on a color palette

This doesn't have to be overwhelming! When we say pick a color palette we mean choosing 3-4 colors that you want to focus on using or already have around your home/space. When we were dreaming up our styled areas in the White Dahlia collection we knew we wanted to have one area that was full of dark, moody, and warm hues, and another with bright whites and neutrals! See our mood boards below for our inspiration!

Struggling to come up with your color palette? There are actually tons of resources out there to help you brainstorm! One of our favorites is Pinterest as well as the Adobe Color wheel. Don't be afraid to start with one or two neutrals and add in pops of color. We also love expanding past the basic red and green Christmas you always see - get creative - maybe add some dark browns, hunter greens, or even a navy/charcoal accent.

02. Work in an accent metal

Whether it's gold, copper, silver, or brass, focusing on one metal accent can help tie a room or tablescape together. This was something we considered in our lounge/ coffee table decor. Settling on gold accents helped us create a holistic area that carried the same feel throughout.

03. Don't be afraid to create a statement area

While it can be easy to want to make every area of your home picture perfect, it's not always realistic or time-friendly! Consider focusing on one area: your table decor, an accent wall, the tree, or your lounge area. Here, we decided to turn a blank wall into a gallery wall with the simple addition of a few Christmas decor pieces. Grouping in 3s in an asymmetrical layout helps balance decor or artwork, especially on a large wall space.

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