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Haunt of Hounds: South Bend's Curated Catering Experience That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

White Dahlia is elated to introduce you to Haunt of Hounds, a curated catering experience out of South Bend, Indiana that will make any guest’s mouth water.

Owners Alain Helfrich, Jordan Mullins, Tim Tinker and Austin Cabello started Haunt of Hounds in 2020, but have over 60 years of collective culinary experience between the four of them, including fine dining and a university food program. Along with catering, they also own and operate several eateries in the Michiana area: Fatbird, The Breakfast Club, A Roaster Called Revenant, Oak + Ash BBQ and a collaborative dining hall and event space called Dainty Maid Food Hall.

The name Haunt of Hounds came from the owners’ desires to have a name that represented them and their work ethic. A “haunt” is a hangout or a club, and a hound has a reputation for tenacity and perseverance, said owner Austin Cabello.

“We wanted something that stood out and didn’t sound generic….There is a double meaning as well, we make sure our culture, philosophy, and quality is “haunting” everything we do. Whether it’s a restaurant, catering, or pop up. Our touch and expertise will be felt throughout the experience.”

While they offer a variety of cuisines at the different restaurants, Haunt of Hounds favorite cuisine to cater is the one they curate specifically for their couples.

“We listen,” said Austin Cabello. “What's the food experience you want for your special day? Tacos, pasta, mac & cheese bar, steak, ramen, etc. Our wide range of experiences allow us to pull off almost anything you can come up with. Let's create the best meal for your best day.”

Not only can they provide the food, but they can also create specialty cocktails and handle any bar needs.

Pricing can depend on the cuisine, but Haunt of Hounds can create event meals starting around $25 per person. They will travel within 60 miles of their home base in South Bend. For any couples interested in a consultation, they can contact Tim Tinker via email ( An initial phone call will go over your date, budget and ideas for food offerings. From there, HOH will create a team to make your dream meal come to life!

We are beyond excited for you to meet Haunt of Hounds at The Collective on March 4 at Section House! You can find out more about their restaurants via social media at the following accounts:

Fatbird (South Bend): @f_a_t_b_i_r_d

The Breakfast Club (South Bend, inside Dainty Maid Food Hall): @the_breakfast_club

A Roaster Called Revenant (South Bend, inside Dainty Maid Food Hall): @a_roaster_called_revenant

Dainty Maid Food Hall (South Bend): @daintymaidfoodhall

Oak + Ash BBQ (Dowagiac): @oak_ash_bbq

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