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Energetic Wedding at Journeyman Distillery

You know what is one of the best feelings ever?

Getting completely ready for your wedding - we’re talking dress on, hair and makeup done, gold leaf crown perfectly placed (SWOON) - and seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time.

Excitement level: 11/10.

What a truly perfect moment.

Christine’s gorgeous gown, with beaded lines exploding into firework-like sparkles, was the perfect reflection of her contagious energy. It’s an energy that her fiance, Bob, shares and it resulted in guests who were having such a good time celebrating them that they were oblivious to the late-April-huge-bummer-snow covering everything outside the reception hall.

Jewel-toned bridesmaids dresses and varied tuxes for the groomsmen brightened up the dreary weather and vibrant florals beautifully complemented the bridal party’s warm vibe. The ceremony backdrop was  *completely* transformed with gorgeous exploding arrangements and simple vases of delicate blooms and votives decorated the farmhouse tables.

The bride and groom’s infectious energy carried into the after-dinner dancing, as it seemed like their guests rarely left the dance floor. A simple dessert and easy late-night snack, and guests were back at it, determined to leave it all on the dance floor.

And man, did they ever.

Easily, Christine and Bob’s favorite. Party. Ever.


White Dahlia

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