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Dreamy Golden Hour Barn Wedding

We mention the “golden hour” often on our social media but maybe you didn’t realize what a big deal it is.

Check. Out. These. Blooms.

And then check out this light.

First, the blooms.

Stephanie chose a theme of light blush flowers interspersed with pops of deep burgundy, surrounded by two kinds of eucalyptus, and it is giving us life. (Side note: including silver dollar eucalyptus (the round, flat leaves) in a floral arrangement adds *such* a romantic whimsy. Those leaves are mother nature’s perfect randomness; the way they flutter and lilt will bring an arrangement to life errytime.) With the florals up against the lace of Stephanie’s gown and dusty palette of her bridesmaids’ dresses, we are getting a very vintage-made-modern vibe. And we are into it.

Now, that lighting.

We meeeeeeean, all the heart eyes for this golden hour. ‘Golden hour’ refers to the period of time when the sun is lower in the sky and less harsh but hasn’t begun to set yet. The world is a little warmer and softer during this time of day. Along with the gorgeous lighting mother nature lends, the breath of peaceful calm felt after the ceremony ends adds a contented element to the pictures taken during this time. It’s like Stephanie and Tim were able to soak in the importance of the words they just spoke to each other and the people that stood to witness them. The resulting shots are just magical.


White Dahlia

Photographer: Taylor J Photography

Day-of Coordinator: White Dahlia Events

Florist: Truer Design

Transportation: Second Nature & First Student

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