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Dancing The Blues Away

We are creatures of habit. Whether at work or at home, us humans are easily lulled into comfy grooves and familiar rituals. While we crave these routines, we often find ourselves chafing at the monotony that can come from them. At some point, even the most creative brain cells get bored of themselves and tap out. So we have to change things up. We buy a different coffee creamer, add a new recipe to the rotation, take a vacation, or try a new hobby (although we will probably never get into hot yoga. It just sounds too hot). If we’re honest though, our tedium is best mitigated by encountering other humans whose energy breathes color into our dullness. Maybe they have a refreshing outlook or an infectious positivity or maybe their ideas are so out-of-the-box that you’re not sure if they’re actually from Earth (in a good way). Whatever the case, interacting with people like this sparks the limp, sputtering synapses in our brains back to life.

Liz and Michael are just these sorts of humans. Professional dancers by trade, these two beautifully creative and authentic individuals surrounded themselves with a team as inventive as they are to make some serious wedding magic happen for their day.