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Cue "Work" by Rihanna

Next up on our Team Spotlight series is the newest member of our core team, Courtney! You'll see her at most Tabor Hill weddings, and helping with all the rental deliveries. A true workaholic that we were thrilled to add to our team!

What inspired you to enter the wedding industry?

I have worked in the hospitality industry for 11 years and I have always loved helping people. After being fortunate enough to have helped a few of my friends with their big day’s it solidified my passion for wedding planning!

What intrigued you about WDE? Why did you want to work for us?!

Well… After stalking WDE on social media for the last year I became obsessed! I mean… how could I not? I was just so captivated by this amazing team of talented, hard working, and uplifting boss babes! I knew that there was so much I could learn from these ladies and I am just so thankful to be a part of this extraordinary team!

What would you change about the wedding + event industry?

I am a huge advocate for trying to save the planet, and I can honestly say the only thing I don’t love about this industry is how wasteful it can be. I would love to be able to come up with practical ideas that help reduce the waste produced by weddings. I am one to kindly push renting vintage glassware for the drink, opposed to plastic and opting for a flower petal toss inplace of confetti! It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference! 

List three things you would never show up without on wedding day:

  1. Reusable (obviously) water bottle. Staying hydrated during a long day is key! It is super important to make sure you are taking proper care of yourself, so you can ensure your client is having the best experience!

  2. My watch. I check, double check, and then check again before leaving my house that I in fact do have my watch on. Staying on time during an event is crucial! I forgot my watch one time, and I will never let that happen again. I am constantly looking down at my wrist to check the time during the day.

  3. A well stocked emergency bag. Being in the industry you plan for everything to be perfect, but always expect for something to come up! It is always better to be prepared with things you might need!

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Cue “Work” by Rhianna. I am a workaholic. I just love to work! If we are not deep into a wedding weekend, you can find me slinging pizzas and mixing cocktails at one of our favorite local restaurants, Silver Beach Pizza, where I have worked since 2009! Other than work I love to bake, I grew up baking with my grandma and it is just my favorite thing. I challenge myself by trying to bake vegan treats. I constantly have fresh baked muffins on hand, my favorites are Banana and Pumpkin! 

On my days off you’ll find me…… 

Playing with my two pups (Kane and Seguin) who I am completely OBSESSED with!! Once you meet me, be prepared to see pictures and have me work them into our conversation multiple times. You can also find me spending time with family, hanging out with friends, trying to plan my next European vacay while sipping on an aperol spritz, or binging the latest Netflix series! I’m really a simple gal :)



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