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Bohemian Bridal Perfection

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Remember Middle School? 

Maybe a little too well? 

We know.

It was such a weird time of life - physical, social, and emotional awkwardness at every turn. But mentally? You were at your peak. It was the perfect time for your teachers to pour all the knowledge into your spongy brain. In that spirit, you were probably assigned a project by a social studies teacher wherein you had to detail what life looked like during some previous decade in American History. This project is probably the reason that when you hear the phrase “flower child,” the picture that pops into your brain is that of a hand-drawn hippie girl on hot pink poster board, flashing peace signs and sporting round sunglasses under the rainbow wordart caption, “The 60s.” (Oh, wordart. What has become of you?)

Mercifully, we would like to offer an update to the “flower child” image leftover from your adolescent brain. We’ll trade the cartoon drawing for a beautiful bride, the hot pink background for a floral tapestry, the peace sign for a crown of flowers, add a velvet burnout kimono, and keep the sunglasses and carefree attitude. Maybe something like this?

Bohemian Bride Flower Crown

See? Much better. 

And this was just Carrie getting ready. 

This bride harnessed her flower child sensibilities, paying hommage to the hippie culture from whence her cool, bohemian vibe emerged, to design her wedding day and we couldn’t be more into it.

Carrie was stunning in her macrame lace gown. Styled with loose curls and a crown of flowers, her bridal look was the embodiment of easy elegance. Her bridesmaids, in flowing gowns and crowns of greenery, held smaller versions of her gorgeously wild bouquet while Ryan and his groomsmen brought some grounding contrast (and serious heat) to the whole bridal party look with their tailored, dark blue suits. The birch log ceremony arch at Blue Dress Barn was dressed all the way up with an incredible floral design and a macrame tapestry.

Now, no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, and in the middle of their ceremony, Carrie and Ryan found themselves in the dreaded predicament. It didn’t stop the ceremony though, and it definitely didn’t dampen their spirits. Their guests probably threw their dried flower petals even harder as the happy couple exited their ceremony in the drizzle.

Their reception was full of more eye-satisfying, boho-chic touches: gold-dipped feathers as name cards, big pillar votive candles amongst more wild greenery, and table numbers with delicate floral illustrations. Again, with the easy elegance, that Carrie. 

Yeah, next to that updated “flower child” image, we’ll just go ahead and file this in our brains under “bohemian bridal perfection.”

XO, White Dahlia

Bohemian Wedding Bride Flower Crown

Florist: Family + Friends of the Couple (super talented!!)

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