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And a Live Country Wedding Band

At this point in the year, we understand that you might be tired of seeing our Southwest Michigan gorgeousness. The roving vineyards dotting acres of gently rolling hills, rustic barns tucked into idyllic countryside, and sandy dunes sloping into the deep blue of Lake Michigan probably seem too good to be true.


You would be correct in that assessment. 

Because, even though we still technically have over a month of autumn left, winter doesn’t care here. She blows in early, brings more dreary cloud cover and lake effect snow than we can actually handle, and then takes FOR-EV-ER to leave. 

Winter in SWMI is basically a nightmare houseguest. 

So last week, when a snow-day-necessitating storm blew in, our vibrant, sun-laden, autumnal daydreams came to an abrupt end. While half of our friends anticipated the change in weather and happily started watching Hallmark movies and decorating for Christmas, the rest of us were not emotionally prepared. We’ll get there eventually, but in the meantime, we’ll just go ahead and light the final centimeters of our ‘sweater weather’ candles and stare at Sahra’s incredible autumn bouquet.

This kind of floral magic, on display at Jack and Sahra’s fall wedding, combined with the couple’s boho-chic design and warm, laid back vibe, had us buzzing with seasonal delight.

Jack and Sahra brilliantly warmed up their industrial ceremony space by framing Journeyman’s metal door backdrop with two stunning floral arrangements. We’re not sure if the flowers and dried reeds that matched the rust on the door were an on-purpose thing or just a happy coincidence, but we loved it. To add further dimension and definition to the space, Jack and Sahra added varying sizes of votive candles and white pumpkins to their “frame” and laid a large bohemian rug over the rustic wood floor. And while the crystal chandeliers overhead added the perfect amount of elegance to the whole design, they actually drew our eye to Sahra’s beautiful gown during the ceremony.

Her boho-chic lace dress was a perfect textural compliment to her bridesmaids’ chiffon and velvet theme while Jack and his groomsmen looked sharp in their navy suits and blue ties. More floral badassery tied the entire bridal party look together with gorgeous bouquets and some seriously awesome boutonnières. 

Harvest tables, lined with copper chargers, garland, and more candles, were an absolute ’must’ for dinner, as was The Brothers Quinn performance afterward. (For real though. Best live country music White Dahlia has ever heard at a wedding.) Successful fall wedding design alludes to the plethora of colors and textures all around us during the harvest season; it is rich and vibrant, without being opulent, and evokes within us a feeling of grounded warmth. This description? Also an apt summation of Jack and Sahra’s day. Their warmth, for each other and for their loved ones, is the perfect foundation on which to build a new life together. 

Yeah. Pretty sure our souls just warmed up by about 10°.


White Dahlia

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