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5 Reasons to Attend a Bridal Show

It’s that time of year again - wedding show season! Here are our top five reasons we think you should attend a bridal show, no matter what stage of wedding planning you are in right now.

1. Find your inspiration!

Not sure what colors are trending for your mid-July nuptials? Want options other than cake for dessert? Seeing designs and decor in person can take some of the guesswork out of what your day might look like and help you narrow down your vision for your wedding! And just as importantly, you can rule out the things that wouldn’t bring joy to your day.

2. Connect with your vendors

Fun fact: you will spend most of your wedding day with your photographer, so why not take the time to connect with one that understands you and your soon-to-be! Vendors are there to chat, answer any questions you might have and get a rundown of all the services they offer to make your day come to life. They may even have services available for you to sample that day (did somebody say free bites from the catering group?!)

3. Deals

More often than not, vendors will have special booking deals and discounts for anyone who stops by their booth and books with them! This can help keep your dream day within budget and help narrow down your top vendor contenders.

4. Did you forget anything?

Maybe a detail slipped your mind or you found a new service you can’t live without on your day - that coffee cart is a MUST HAVE! - bridal shows have you covered! We think of everything so you don’t have to. The more vendors available for you to interact with in one place, you’re less likely to forget the small stuff like table numbers (or big things like videographers!)

5. Have fun!

Whether you bring your fiancé, your friend, your mom - don’t forget to have fun! Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. No matter what stage you are at with planning, you can make it a day to remember with the people you love.

Bonus: Tips for going to bridal shows!

Be prepared to ask questions.

Maximize your time at each vendor booth by having questions ready to go! Have they worked at your venue before? Do they have travel fees? How long have they been in business? Ask the questions that are important to you when making your decisions.

Bring your own inspiration photos!

Pinterest and Instagram are a treasure trove of inspiration. Don’t be scared to whip out your phone and show the florists your dream bouquet to see if they can make it bloom to life!

Make a wedding email address

Don’t want to clutter your email with vendor emails? Want to make sure you don’t miss communications with the vendors that you decide to use? Making a separate email address for all things wedding will save a lot of time and energy No more searching for that DJ contract through all those store promos!

Be sure to rsvp to our upcoming Bridal Show

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