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4 Years of White Dahlia & Co.

Raise your glass to four years of White Dahlia! It is only fitting that we celebrate our anniversary on a day set aside each year for love.

The last three years have brought on the best and worst of times. The uncertainty that came with 2020 (and part of 2021) will never be forgotten. We learned how to adapt and react to the instability of the pandemic in a time when stability was all anyone in the world wanted. We were honored to be able to offer a small slice of normalcy and let love shine through the weddings that were scheduled, and then rescheduled; changed and revised.

We’ve also taken some pretty big steps as a company. We have added new services, including officiant (yay Jess!) and concierge. We have also expanded on the coordination and planning services we have loved offering these last few years to better meet the needs of our couples. We love our rentals and are always on the hunt for unique pieces to expand our offerings. We even outgrew our name and transitioned to White Dahlia & Co. to encompass our vision and mission of provided the best support and experience for your wedding day.

We have spent the last three years listening to speeches and toasts, and today it’s our turn!

Here’s to the couples that put the most significant day of their lives in our hands and trust us to manifest their love story. May you always look back on your wedding day with the fondest of memories and happiest of hearts.

Here’s to the relationships we have built in the wedding and event industry.

To the vendors who create memorable occasions and have just as much compassion and care in the work they do, we are honored to work with you at each and every event.

Here’s to the community of southwest Michigan that love’s love just as much as we do.

Here’s to the team that makes every wedding day possible.

Here’s to year four.

Cheers! *clink

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